About Us


Hello, I'm Sherry and I'm the designer and creator of Nemo and Her. Secretly, I have a doctorate degree in pharmacy and interestingly enough, I love both science and art. There exists a timeless beauty in the complexity of nature and art is a powerful expression of our natural minds. I created Nemo and Her to fulfill a dream of creating an illustrative brand and I hope you enjoy my whimsical creations. All of our designs are illustrated in our studio in New Jersey. This store is dedicated to my cat, Nemo.



At Nemo and Her, we feel that it's important to protect our wildlife and our natural environment. We live in a fragile ecosystem, a carefully balanced scale that sustains all species. However, human beings, through their actions, have caused imbalance to nature and wildlife. Many wildlife creatures are becoming endangered due to deforestation, climate change, poaching, and habitat destruction. Our goal here at Nemo and Her is to support organizations that protect our wildlife and environment by donating 10% of all profits to help shape a better future for animals and our planet.